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Pathways V6

The newest version of Pathways is here, released in May, 2023!

20 Year Anniversary of Pathways!

Pathways V1 was first released in 2002. Over the years, many wishes for additional features have been granted! Now Pathways V6 is the most comprehensive suite of FREE planning tools ever. Moreover, it has some unique features that you absolutely cannot BUY anywhere.

What's new

Ease of use

Any product with many features suffers from one challenge: complexity. Learning how to do everything you can do with Pathways could be daunting. In fact, that is the biggest complaint that users have presented to me over the years! But with Pathways V6, it's easier than ever to get going with it:

What Pathways V6 doesn't have is a redesign of the user interface. If you are familiar with it already, you won't have to guess where to find things. There's just more items to choose from! After 20 years, it's a bit dated, but on the other hand, it's pretty easy to guess where to look for menu items (very standard placement for opening files, printing, help, etc.). Because I am earning absolutely nothing for this product, I can't afford to revamp everything just to stay in style, so please accept that limitation.

Beyond Basic Planning

Pathways was originally designed to support a rational decision-making methodology, and the new version does so in a more comprehensive way than any previous release. All of these features become available when you switch into Advanced Mode. When you plan the "outcomes" to be achieved, you can rate how each outcome impacts the happiness of those involved. Happiness is broken down into various success factors or "motivators," and with Pathways V6 you can score the results in a very explicit and precise way.

The assumption is that when you develop a plan for a group of people, you are adopting an "all-for-one and one-for-all" philosophy, in which you wish to optimize satisfaction. Moreover, the group further undertakes to protect the rights of those outside the group, as well as those within it. They commit to meet their responsibilities to the outside world, and to use their surplus resources to help make the world a better place.

Pathways V6 has more detailed and specific ways of rating satisfaction that previous editions, as well as new reports. It supports a more complex model, where each person can set values of what's important to him (or her). And it includes a new "group estimate" report that calculates the expected happiness of a group for any proposed course of action. In short, it is the best tool yet to support rational decision making.

My hope is that people will try out Pathways for simple things at first, such as home budgeting, or managing their schedule. Those things by themselves are reason enough to get Pathways. Furthermore, it offers the potential to go beyond that to more professional kinds of planning, such as project management, or financial management of a small organization such as a local charity. And if people use the product to its full capability, that means that they will be thinking of how their decisions affect other people. That is essential if people wish to "cast their vote" to make the world a better place.

- Arthur de Leyssac (author of Pathways)

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